Executive Interviews


By The Book: Dan Ruffino

Rev It Up: Clive Finkelstein

Dyed in the Wool: Callum Maclachlan

A Business Built on Values: Sam Saad & Nadim Saad

It’s Not One Size Fits All: Robbie Blau

Open for Business: Graeme Devin

BWX tomorrow: Allison Smith

When nature calls: Rory Gration


Optimise the Old Innovate the New: Tom Erixon

“Try Everything Once”: Tasoulla Hadjigeorgiou

Unstoppable Momentum: Steve Murphy

“They call us the Red Machine”: Raisa Polyakova

Champion of Champions: Philippe Higelin

A can-do attitude to growth: Roberto Villaquiran

“Coke is much more than a refreshment”: Paris Nikolopoulos


“We won’t stop until everybody is connected.”: Darren Seow

“The Major Challenge is Keeping Up with the Very Latest Technology”: Sou Kun Tou

A Bigger Slice of the Action: Roy Quejada

Empowering the People: Rosemarie Bosch-Ong

The Quality Quotient: Wilfred Woo

The Human Touch: Rico Bautista

Device Manager: Analog Devices


More than Sweaters: Rishabh Oswal

Building India’s Future: Shridhar Narayan

Rocket Science: Rakesh Sasibhushan

Feeding the Economy: C Ramachandra Rao

The Future is Bright: Rajesh Rathi

Banking on Digital: Rajkiran Rai G


Time To Give Back: Geraldine Huse

One-Man Industry: Milton Todd Ault III

I’m Proud of our DNA: Jim Sliker

Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due: Gren Schoch

Modern Medicine: Claudio Belocopitt

Presidential Campaign: Jack Thomas

True to its Roots: Angela Santiago

Inspiring The Business World