Executive Interviews


Transformative Spaces: Soren Trampedach

Scaling New Heights: Scott Bergstrom

Lending a Hand: Damian Brander

Top Copper: Rob Watkins

A Trusted Partner: Brian Stafford

Connecting the World: Neil Saligrama

Investing in People: Logan Hanifin

An Iron Giant: Gina Rinehart


New Traditions: Khalid Jamal Al Kayed

Shaping the Digital Future: Anna Klaft

Managing a Warehousing Boom: Frank Pörschke

The Team Player: Antonios Vonofakos

Heating Up: Gábor Molnár

Net Positive: Jacques Hayaux du Tilly

How to build a strong business in the new digital era by reinventing yourself

The Fast Mover: Melda Yasar Cebe


Energy Efficient: Lee TongYi

A Swift Journey: Loo Yong Hui

Information Inspiration: Avnish Patankar

Thriving in the new reality: Melvin Tan

Edge of the Future: John Lombard

Secret Sauce: Simon Cheung

Secret Ambition: Kenneth Lim

Securing the Future: Antonio Magno


Building Everyday Joy: Mohit Malhotra

New School of Thought: Sushma Boppana

Strong Foundations: Mukesh Savlani 

Cementing a Future: Arvind Pathak

Building Boutique Bengaluru: Darshan Govindaraju

Model Student: S Sundar Manoharan


The Forever Game: David Patchell-Evans

Navigating the New Normal: Seth Goldstrom

Diverse Portfolio: Kathryn Vorisek & Leo Harmon

Inspiring The Business World