Executive Interviews


Listen and learn: Danny Lessem

The ‘Sevens’ man: Eric Cheng

Natural born leader: Danny Assabgy

The business of friendship: Damian Delahunty and Ruben Fuentes

Getting future ready: Deanne Stewart

Uplifting communities: Christine Holgate

Return on investment: David Harrison


“Our ability to make a positive impact in the water space is huge.”: Mads Nipper

Raised from concrete: Sven Voth

“We are moving forward as one group.”: Matthias von Buzay

“Never get too comfortable with the status quo.”: Mark Cotter

“Trust is a recipe for success.”: Shaun Frayne

Forging links: Darko Hrastnik

The electric touch: Joachim Naimer

“Our brand is all about authenticity.”: Franky Cosaert


Innovate to grow: Steven Debrabandere

The future of food: Yerik Cosiquien

Forward fashion: Will Lam

Leading the pack: Xin She

Committed to the country: Sebastian Langendorf

“We are supporting the front line.”: Rob Walton

“Execution is the key to competitive success.”: Priyanshu Goyal

Making a difference: Kevin Zou


“The topmost priority for us is customer focus.”: Utkarsh Munot

Digging deep: Shamik Basuray

“We always try to improve.”: Ravi Sheth

A pandemic opportunity: Rajendra Gogri

“Food is never global; food is always local.”: Mohit Anand


The power of ‘We’: Tony Allen

“To excel in this business, you really have to be proactive.”: Orlando Wong

Strive for perfection: Joe Fluet

“Our business is about maximizing human potential.”: Doss Cunningham

A bite of joy: Maribeth Dela Cruz

The not-for-profit advantage: Bill Brown

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