Executive Interviews


“Nothing Motivates Staff More Than a Joint Cause”: Stacey Jones

Sweet Serendipity: Pete Sauerborn

“Education Truly is Transformative”: Nicole Christensen

Happy medium: Steven Walker

“You’ve Got to Keep Them Connected.”: Neil Scales

Feel-good food: Scott Glasson

Natural Selection: Stephen Brown


Changing lives for the better: Ersin Arisoy

“Growth doesn’t start tomorrow, it starts today”: Flemming Ornskov

“It’s very important to put respect first”: Didier Unglik

Supplying Innovation: Cedric Ballay

Next Generation: Béatrice Schmidt

Family Trees: António Rios de Amorim

“Our goal is to keep growing”: Anders Jensen

Autonomous and United: Álvaro Martinez de Lagos


“I Like Enabling People”: Robert Galang

The Sweet Smell of Success: Paul Andersson

Building Back Stronger: Patrice Bard

Building Blocks: Ole Scheeren

Fashionable Values: Marissa Jeanne Maren Baragar

The Role of Managing Director is as a Facilitator: Malee Thanapempulpol

Delivering Happiness: Kadir Gunduz

Sky’s The Limit: Joseph Leung


Improving people’s lives: Pankaj Garg

A Household Name: Sharad Mathur

“Be Agile, be Flexible”: Ramakanth Akula

“We believe in Ayurveda.”: Pradeep Cholayil

“Fashion Is My Passion.”: Nahid Fakir


Pharma in the Family: Sebastián Bagó

Connect and Protect: Roel Vestjens

The Bank of the Future: Rafael Arana de la Garza

“Retail is in my blood.”: Mario Siman

Pioneering a Restaurant Revolution: Marcel Blais

Inspiring The Business World