Executive Interviews


Mercedes-Benz rolls out radical new way to buy luxury cars

Ultra success: Sean Buckley

Concrete values: Marc Kenney and Matt Hoffman

I feel the earth move: Todd Quadrio

From boys to fine men: Ian Lambert

Building lives: Michael Hickinbotham

Family first: Timothy Wong

Driving the value chain: Martin Merrick


Heightened security: Anthony Dickinson and Nigel Stanley

“I saw so much potential.”: Admassu Tadesse

Designing digital solutions: Sven Behrendt

Drawing ahead: Rune Syversen

The Clothes that Made the Man: Tarek Müller

Electric dreams: Stefan Lebrot


“We see a lot of opportunities ahead.”: Victor Wong

Together we can: VAT Group

Ambitious for change: Tuomo Saramaa

“It’s time for architects to science up”: Theodore Chan

The sky’s the limit: Char Tze Hiang

“Be honest, work hard and never give up.”: Sanjeev Mahtani

“Delegate, but monitor what’s going on.”: Rodney Miles

“The core of all our projects is the people.”: Ricky Wong


“The topmost priority for us is customer focus.”: Utkarsh Munot

Digging deep: Shamik Basuray

“We always try to improve.”: Ravi Sheth

A pandemic opportunity: Rajendra Gogri

“Food is never global; food is always local.”: Mohit Anand


The power of ‘We’: Tony Allen

“To excel in this business, you really have to be proactive.”: Orlando Wong

Strive for perfection: Joe Fluet

“Our business is about maximizing human potential.”: Doss Cunningham

A bite of joy: Maribeth Dela Cruz

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