Executive Interviews


A Wealth of Expertise: Will Hamilton

Pioneering The Plant – Based Revolution: Wally Fry

“We focus on Complete Achievement”: Vanessa Browning

“We want people to remember it forever”: Todd Harris

The 50-Year Promise: Terry Dillon

Delivering the Goods: Sebastian Galipo

Sweet Success: Rachel Bajada

Rolling Start: Phil Pearce


Paradigm shift: Khalid Dannish

Accounting for Growth: Hisham Farouk

“We Project the Other Side of Banking”: Mihaela Bitu

The Game-Changer: Susanna Zapreva

Stepping up: Mirko Ostendoerfer

Defining British Luxury: Mark Johnson

“We have a very special culture at Equinix”: Jens-Peter Feidner

Personal Service: Jens Strømnes


“We’re Not Going the Way of Amazon”: Jan Heere

Collaborative Leadership: Ooi Lean Hin

Thriving After COVID-19: Tôn Thất Đề

Powering Growth: Mark Smith

Chemical Attraction: Didier Chapon

Above and Beyond: Paitoon Jiranantarat

The Visionary: Leo Hiroshi Nagatake

New Ways to Protect Patients: Nilesh Shah


Turning Things: Syed Mazhar Iqbal

Perform & Transform: Sayeeda Leghari

Full Speed Ahead: Satish Kumar Kashyup

All that Glitters is not always Gold: Santosh Krishna


Onwards and upwards: Sergio Faifman

“Reliability is Everything”: J Roy Pottle

“We’re a company for the future”: Leonardo Aguilera

People Over Profit: Simón Cohen

Inspiring The Business World