Executive Interviews


Outcome oriented: Peter Worth

One for the books: Nick Croydon

Coming in handy: Michael Schneider

“I wanted to be a different boss.”: Julian Rose

Work of art: John Derrick

No place like home: John Brogden


Grow your own way: Xolali Zigah

“We’re pushing back the risk frontier.”: Xavier Durand

Modernising German housing: Tomas de Vargas Machuca

Feed the world: Thierry Blandinières

Growth mindset: Stanislas de Bentzmann

Next big thing: Olivier Micheli

The human touch: Margit Gosau

Concrete results: Maisan Al Khamiri


Food for thought: Ly Anh Duy Quang

“It’s been quite a ride.”: Victor Kwan

All sewn up: Ranjan Mahtani

Open all hours: Philips Yu

Licence to thrill: Nancy Chen

The way forward: Lennard Yong

Uplifting air travel: Kevin Chin


“We offer the highest quality of clinical care within affordable costs.”: Emmanuel Rupert

“We’re working towards long-term, sustainable growth.”: Pradeep Kothari

Empowering and Energising People: Trivikram Arun

Weaving success: Suchita Oswal Jain

“We are not only Indian leaders; we are global leaders.”:Prabhat Singh

Designing the future: Mukesh Savlani


A bite of joy: Maribeth Dela Cruz

The not-for-profit advantage: Bill Brown

Star performers: Alex Brisson

A lasting legacy: Kyle Norrington

Creating a new Hardie: Jack Truong

“My major initiatives have been completed.”: Cynthia Jackson-Hammond

“To avoid risk is to avoid progress.”: Rohit Ghai

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