Automotive & Aviation

A Family Affair: Kurt Kordovolos

Great Flight North: Vic Naughton

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A future-focused leader: Maria Della Posta

Strength in Complexity: Mia Ejendal

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Fueling the Future: Amir Ibrahim

Going the Distance: Jim Khor Mun Wei

Leading in Trailing: Nicholas Ling

Cloud Nine Cabins: Jörg Schuler

Architecting the Future: Jan Brecht

High Flier: Justin Franke

Flying Sustainably: Shevantha Weerasekera

Driving the future: Firat Yoney

Staying on Top: Shaoling Qiu

Upholding a Legacy: Neeraj Lala

Driving to Succeed: John Hughes

Flying High: Kadri Muhiddin

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