Automotive & Aviation

Driving the future: Firat Yoney

Staying on Top: Shaoling Qiu

Flying High: Kadri Muhiddin

Driving to Succeed: John Hughes

Oiling the Wheels of Change: Jane Carland

Supercar Superstar: Christian von Koenigsegg

Flying High: Kadri Muhiddin

Driving Excellence: Minnie Bustamanate

Charging Up: Samantha Johnson

Spreading its Wings: Mohammed Husain Ahmed

Driving Forward: Antonio Randazzo

Driven to Success: Peter Ciao

A Passion for Performance: Andrea Baldi

Investing in Growth: Norminio Mojica

Bringing the Future Home: Kiekert

Permission to Challenge: José María Galofré Ragel

Reorganisation Amid Crisis: Stefan Zimmermann

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