Food for thought: Ly Anh Duy Quang

“We offer the highest quality of clinical care within affordable costs.”: Emmanuel Rupert

“We’re working towards long-term, sustainable growth.”: Pradeep Kothari

Empowering and Energising People: Trivikram Arun

Weaving success: Suchita Oswal Jain

“We are not only Indian leaders; we are global leaders.”:Prabhat Singh

Designing the future: Mukesh Savlani

Driven by change: Mujtaba Rahim

Excellent execution: Mohit Malhotra

“Electricity is a growth engine for any nation.”: Harsh Shah

“Airport hospitality is always a people business.”: Dinesh Jhunjhunwala

Going to the next level: Dayanand Reddy

“We’re getting future ready.”: Arun Maheshwari

“We have the product range for the future”: Ankur Aggarwal

Grow your own way: Xolali Zigah

“We’re pushing back the risk frontier.”: Xavier Durand

Modernising German housing: Tomas de Vargas Machuca

Feed the world: Thierry Blandinières

Growth mindset: Stanislas de Bentzmann

Next big thing: Olivier Micheli

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