Rising to New Heights: Paolo Beltrame

From Strength to Strength: Daniel Debattista

Engineering Change: Jun He

Digitalize and Diversify: Derek Chan

Group Effort: Joachim Braun

A One-Stop Solution: Zenko Tsutsui

Out of Hibernation: Natarajan Paulraj

Humble Success: Krishna Reddy

A World-Class Approach: Saroj Kumar Poddar

Thriving in the new reality: Melvin Tan

From Far West to Far East: Franck Lombard

Off the Grid: Dan Agnew

Harmonising Machine and Men: Anand Pande

You Cannot Avoid Risk: Shrikant Badve

Curious Design: Mark Campbell

Turning Things Around: Abdel-Monem Assy

“My passion is people”: Mark Flanagan

“The key word is partnership”: Khoo Jyh Hao

We took it in our stride: Toshinari Miyamoto

Engineering Excellence: Darren Starsmore

Something To Celebrate: Chris Galvin

“We’re making the world a greener, cleaner and healthier place”: Tomas Blomquist

Engineering Success: Herbert Johnson

Make it Grow: Stephen Kaniewski

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