Agriculture & Farming

Steward of the Land: Mark Leslie

Production Innovation: Hugh McDougall

An Apple a Day: Walter Pardatscher

Securing the Future: Antonio Magno

Sowing the Seeds of Success: Ankur Aggarwal

Investing in People: Logan Hanifin

The Agricultural Innovator: Russell du Preez

Thinking Big, Keeping it Simple: Mark Pye

No Cows Needed: Jan Pacas

Serving up Quality: Girish Kolwankar

In It Together: Bacho Jansie

A Helping Hand: Francois Strydom

In the Lap of Luxury: Franco Savastano

Grow together: Pulkit Jain

Machine Learning: Hisakazu Kitanobo

Taking seafood to the world: Venkat Rao Nekkanti

Moving with the Times: Nathan Wessling

Inspiring The Business World