Innovate to grow: Steven Debrabandere

The future of food: Yerik Cosiquien

Forward fashion: Will Lam

Leading the pack: Xin She

Committed to the country: Sebastian Langendorf

“We are supporting the front line.”: Rob Walton

“Execution is the key to competitive success.”: Priyanshu Goyal

Making a difference: Kevin Zou

“We must commit to what we do.”: Clement Chu

Human by design: Bradford Perkins

Better with age: Benedict Sison

“We will all come out stronger.”: Francis Lee

“Everything starts and ends with people.”: Jung Woo Park

Centre of the action: Ivaylo Ivanov

Gold digger: Jimmy Budiarto

“We partner to support the healthcare goals of the region.”: Fabrice Leguet

Designing change: Trevor Vivian

Diverse talents: Yong Jin Lim

Born to lead: Victor Tan

“Customers are the heart of our story.”: Stephane Coum

Full bloom of health: Probir Das

A digital fashion statement: Raymond Tan

Young at heart: Timothy Tam

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