Building the Future: Young Chiu

Healthy Growth: Thanapathy Kumaraiah

“Every Crisis Has its Own Opportunities.”: Dr Beng Teck Liang

Captain’s Call: Sanan Angubolkul

“My passion is about building solutions.”: Roland Keller

Intelligent Transformation: Richard Lee

Vibrant Business: Rajesh Somani

Taking Armstrong to the Moon and Back: Phyllis Ong

Starting from scratch: Margaret Connolly

Crafted by Hand: Jonathan Sowter

“I’m not a CEO who sits in the office all day.”: Lee Kah Chye

Driving Diversity: Gina Fyffe

Driven By the Best: Dietmar Hunecke

Bearing fruit: Cindyanto Tjong

Doing things differently: Chye Huat

Made in China: Andrew Dahlgren

“Leaders drive the culture”: Bei Zhong

One-stop service provider: Yasuo Shimokura

“Seek commitment, don’t seek compliance.”: Sachin Satpute

The meat of the matter: Robert Lo

Spreading its wings: Bob Greiveldinger

Developing the future: Pierre-Eric Saint-Andre

Meticulous manufacturing: Thomas Joseph

Growth factor: Dicky Lam

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