Powering a Better World

Close to Farmers: Yossi Goldshmidt

Leading the way: Richard Clapham

New Language Solutions: Nour Al Hassan

“The technology spoke for itself.”: Nick O’Halloran

“We remain committed to supporting our patients”: Lakish Hatalkar

Leader of the Pack: KFC Africa

Focus on digitalisation: Keabetswe Pheko-Moshagane

Driving Force: Jesús María Herrera

Leading in Sustainability: Jan Ostendorf

“Dealing With People is at the Centre of Everything We Do”: George Constantopoulos

Gold standard: Philippe Chave

Rock steady: Seddiq Hassani

“Innovation is not enough.”: Paul Cuatrecasas

“We are the rebels of retail.”: Panu Porkka

Sealing the deal: Muhammad Asghar

Keeping South Africans safe: Morena Makhoana

“I’m 100% Responsible For My Life”: Corinne Zigah

Hire power: Martin Holmgren

Made to order: Marc Carena

Pillar to Post: Annemarie Gardshol

“I like to change the world.”: Johannis Willem van Vliet

Steel Dreams: Ismail Akalay

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