School Ties: Ron Roukema & Raman Paravaikkarasu

School of Thought: Wim de Villiers

Forging Future Leaders: University of South Australia

A Critical Responsibility: Alex Johnson

A Model for Public Education: Don Haddad

A Learning Experience: Stuart Johnston

Food for Thought: Anna Learmonth

Protecting the Sunshine: Helen Bartlett

Future Excellence: Margaret Gardner

Financial Security: Cassandra Lichnock

School of Thought: Karen Yager

Making the Grade: Kate Mortimer

Elite, Not Elitist: Alec O’Connell

Hitting the Road: Rob Lucas

Strengthening Supply Chains: Michele Palumbo

New School of Thought: Sushma Boppana

Model Student: S Sundar Manoharan

Supporting Students: David Murdoch

Places with heart: Tony Chan

A Hive of Creativity: Paula Wallace

Hyper-Hybrid Education: Abdullatif Alshamsi  

Serving the Underserved: Chito B Salazar

Community Lessons: Ron Roukema

Fulfilling a National Dream: Umakant Dash

Inspiring The Business World