“My major initiatives have been completed.”: Cynthia Jackson-Hammond

Inspiring the right idea: Tim Browning

Learning on balance: Colin Stirling

Where leaders are made: Tony George

Striking a balance: Ashleigh Martin

“Success with Defence equals success for TAFE.”: Phil Paterson

The future of learning: Debbie Dunwoody

Top of the class: Eileen Huntington

Dare to be wise: Harlene Hayne

Raising men: Scott James

A world of possibilities: Margaret Gardner

Women in the making: Julie Townsend

National visibility: R. Gerald Turner

Among the top 100: Paul Wellings

World of ideas: Peter Rathjen

Local matters: Andrew Vann

Learning curve: Mitch Daniels

The unlikely entrepreneur: Alan Manly

Believing in greatness: Larry Robinson

Learning curve: Mitch Daniels

Everyone has a story: Cynthia Jackson-Hammond

A class of its own: Dr Lyle D Roelofs

Innovation is in our DNA: Dr Mohamed Lachemi

A tropical flavour: Sandra Harding

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