Construction & Trades

Unsung heroes: Jacqueline Allan

“There is no substitute for hard work.”: Pat Tallon

A lazy billion: Jim Penman

Building trust: Jeff Smith

Concrete results: Maisan Al Khamiri

“I wanted to be a different boss.”: Julian Rose

“Always be humble.”: Edimar Ulep

Nailing a promise to the future: David Walsh

“We surround ourselves with the best of the best.”: Basil Sanuri

“It’s a top-down approach.”: Aparna Reddy

“Where I am today – the credit goes to my father.” Areej Mohsin Darwish

“Hard work always pays off.”: Stéphane Bigorre

Share your knowledge: Antonino “Jojo” Aligaen

“The family-like atmosphere is what connects us.”: Amer Bin Ahmed

“Resistance is how people are.”: Patrice Bard

Family runs deep: Hans Sy Jr

A family affair: Amen Zoabi and Khalil Hafza

Her heart’s desire: Katharina List-Nagl

Smooth roads ahead: Arvindbhai Vithalbhai Patel

Foundation for success: Anil Banchhor

“Satisfied customers bring you more customers.”: Suhas Lunkad

“I want to make this company great.”: Digambar Bagde

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