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A Business Built on Values: Sam Saad & Nadim Saad

Building the Next Generation: Christian Huf

“The Major Challenge is Keeping Up with the Very Latest Technology”: Sou Kun Tou

Strong Foundation: Julian Chia & Lau Chee Meng

Walking the Talk: Michael Barry

A Virtuous Cycle: Kurjanto Slamet

There Were No Unknowns For Us: Joe Grasso

Putting Family First: Mark Ravenscroft

Ticking all the Boxes: Domenic Morolla

Setting The Standard: Arash Nikhoush

Once In A Lifetime: Andrew Stenos

Cementing Opportunity: Vijay Kumar Somani

“We Did It Our Way.”: Steven Simeoni

Adelaide Ambition: Valentino Fuda

“We Call it the Frontline Obsession”: Karel Huijser

Building Back Stronger: Patrice Bard

Building Blocks: Ole Scheeren

We Constantly Refresh and Revise: David Zhang and Jason Pang

Built for the future: David Kealy

City of Opportunity: Isaac David

Another Way at the Office: James Tsang

Building the Team: Stephen Lee

I was passionate about following in my father’s footsteps: Shane Wormall

Back to nature: Zhongxiao Lu

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