Construction & Trades

A Moral Obligation: Edna Sutter

Keeping it in the Family: Manish Hiranandani

Connecting Mongolia: Dolgormaa Bukhbat

Developing Integrity: Sanjay Agarwal

Getting Things Done: Anu Rathninde

Taking on the ultimate challenge: Božo Černila

Creative Construction: Terry Younes

Building Communities: Sengpheng Khun

Firm Foundations: Adolfo Escalona

Greatness by Design: Hanc Wang

Building Better: Mike Kavanagh

Making a Splash: Luke Daly

Finding Potential: Andrew Shea

Pioneering Sustainable Growth: Olivier Colleau

Land of Opportunity: Scott Power

Olympic Dreams: Anthony Stoeckert

The Direct Approach: Marc Kenney and Matt Hoffman

Solid Team, Solid Business: Andrew Kerr

What’s in a Name?: Albert ten Brinke

Inspiring The Business World