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We Can Only Grow If Customers Are Happy: Gummi Ram Reddy

Floor Plan: Campbell Stott

“We’ve only just begun”: John Stegeman

A Solid Foundation: Tom Brady

Building Trust: Murray Robertson

Empowering The People: Rajiv Chaturvedi

Trenchant Success: V Prabhakar Reddy

Building It Better: Will Frogley

“We Are The Trendsetter”: Jack Truong

Building a Modern Future: Klaus Bleckenwegner

“You Need to Have the Right Motivation”: Janet Ong

Building Dreams: Sarah Anderson & Tom Anderson

On Solid Ground: Jean-Pol Bouharmont

A Business Built on Values: Sam Saad & Nadim Saad

Building the Next Generation: Christian Huf

“The Major Challenge is Keeping Up with the Very Latest Technology”: Sou Kun Tou

Strong Foundation: Julian Chia & Lau Chee Meng

Walking the Talk: Michael Barry

A Virtuous Cycle: Kurjanto Slamet

Inspiring The Business World