Engineered for success: Jeremy Fong

Star performers: Alex Brisson

We’re always ahead: Ulrich Lages

Driving force: Andy Coster

Strategy, results, success: Matti Kuivalainen

“We come up with fresh ideas.”: William Lim

Culture by design: Paul Collins

The 10-billion-dollar man: Luo Lin

Tapping into success: Chris Galvin

“We had to play catch-up.”: Minki Rasenyalo

Building cities: William Haddad

“We want to be the best.”: Ajay Mandahr

Motivated by change: Francis Sun

Space and beyond: Dave King

Steering the business: Charlie Qiu

Her heart’s desire: Katharina List-Nagl

Shaping the future: Glenn Lutz

Deep waters: Roddy Lafontaine

Full steam ahead: Nicholas Anderson

Staying cool: Liu Shaw Jiun

People power: Ivy Kong

True grit: James Phillis

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