Engineering Success: Herbert Johnson

Make it Grow: Stephen Kaniewski

Thinking Big: Dominique Droniou

Staying on course: Simen Lieungh

Infrastructural Integrity: Jomel Fuentes

“I’m amazed by what bridges can do”: Allan Alfon

“My passion is about building solutions.”: Roland Keller

Made in China: Andrew Dahlgren

Trusted solutions: Oliver Riess

Renewing the future: James Phillis

“We never sit still.”: Omar Mohamed Said

Engineering excellence: Barry Lee

Touching lives every day: David Wang

All in it together: Stanley Tsang

Safe flight: Norbert Marx

The new wave of engineering: Otto Lok-to Poon

Diversity is the key: Nabil Al Alawi

Fail-safe for the future: Russell Palmer

Ready to expand: Mutlaq Al-Morished

Driving technology: Bilal Al-Hattab

“We must commit to what we do.”: Clement Chu

Human by design: Bradford Perkins

Designing change: Trevor Vivian

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