Retail & Wholesale

Building the Perfect CX: Stefan Müller

Hygiene that Empowers: Sudhanshu Pokhriyal

Cooking up a Revolution: Jesper Gylling Olsen

Successful Shopping: Selena Chua

Smart Dresser: Ayesha Aziz

Business with Soul: Ameer Ali Mydin

A Cut Above: Alexis Nasard

Bringing Play into the Future: Peter Handstein

India’s Snack King: Ashok Kumar Tyagi

Not Sitting On Success: Malcolm Pruys

Modernizing a Storied Company: Mark Roberts

Head in the Cloud: Michael Thiotrisno

People Over Profits: Christoph Werner

Diamonds Down Under: Mudit Vora

People First: Wojciech Czernek

Energy Efficient: Lee TongYi

A Swift Journey: Loo Yong Hui

Magic Carpet Ride: Rune Stephansen

Locals Only: John Gleeson

Net Positive: Jacques Hayaux du Tilly

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