Retail & Wholesale

Painting the Future: Mark Kwok

“Organisations need to walk the talk.”: Erica Berchtold

“Performance is key”: Mark Thompson

Sweet Success: Andrew Leakey

Great Dane: Mikael Kruse Jensen

Expertise is Front and Centre: Anthony Grice

“We know all our customers personally.”: Gary Neiman

“We believe in Ayurveda.”: Pradeep Cholayil

“Fashion Is My Passion.”: Nahid Fakir

Brand Power: Sai Ramana Ponugoti

Enterprising Wellness: Peter Strydom

Leading in Sustainability: Jan Ostendorf

Great Southern Land: Franklin Dos Santos

“We are the rebels of retail.”: Panu Porkka

An Australian classic: Simon Hupfeld

Expert homemaker: Guy Colleau

No child’s play: Paul Orajiaka

Hitting home runs: Meutia Kumala

Healthy ambition: Laetitia Garnier

Time is of the essence: Alvin Soon

“You’ve got to be willing to roll your sleeves up.”: Angus McDonald

“It’s all about delighting the customer.”: Mark Ronan

Waking Sleeping Beauty: Elaine Too

“Company leaders need to step up and be more of an agent for change.”: Fernando Martinez

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