Retail & Wholesale

The human touch: Margit Gosau

Regional gem: Graham Harris

“It’s been quite a ride.”: Victor Kwan

Open all hours: Philips Yu

One for the books: Nick Croydon

Coming in handy: Michael Schneider

“We believe our people are our best asset.”: Anees Ahmed Moumina

An easy sell: Quentin Gracanin

First choice: Vassilis Stavrou

Fashion hub: Omar Henaidy

Keen business scents: Mark Johnson

Retail detail: Irene Lau

Shooting retail goals: Paul Gibbons

“Be true to yourself.”: Sarah Hunter

“Growing relationships is key to growing business.”: Anna Carrabs

Beating the odds: Stephane Pariente

Taking Chances: Fung Lam

Small-town spirit: Andrew Kittle

Scratch made success: Joe Garcia

Game changer: Robin Trebbe

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