India & South Asia

Putting people first: Uppiliappan Gopalan

Smooth operations: Subimal Mondal

Out of this world: Surendra Murlidhar Vaidya

That’s the spirit: Shekhar Swarup

“We are spreading our wings, year after year.”: Rahul Kumar

“This organisation needs efficiency.”: Pallakonda Ramesh

Cool head, hot market: Krishan Sachdev

Pipeline to the future: Gyan Prakash

“It’s a top-down approach.”: Aparna Reddy

Plastic measures: Anisur Rahman

In the driving seat: Bhupinder Pal Singh

“The brand has to stand out.”: Siddharth Kejriwal

“We want to be the best.”: Ajay Mandahr

Driving into the future: Bertrand Figueras

Ace of diamonds: Ghanshyam Dholakia

“It’s a fast-changing world.”: Muhammed Aziz Khan

“Aviation requires 360 degrees of vision.”: Manoj Gangal

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