Utilities & Energy

Power, Partnerships and People: Abdul Aziz Othman

A Greener Approach: Andreas Shiamishis

Fueling India’s Growth: Manish Maheshwari

Power to the People: Keo Rottanak

Know the Drill: Fata Yunus

Steely Determination: Victor Cairo

A New Age of Electrification: Rod Duke

Secret Ambition: Kenneth Lim

Harnessing the Sun: Pranab Kumar Sarmah

Cooking with Gas: Surkani Manan

Powering Tomorrow: Dr Haydn I Furlonge

Smooth Sailing: Marc-Antoine Rupp

Oil and New: Hiroshi Kiriyama

Peak Performer: Teguh Widjajanto

Seizing Vietnam’s rooftop solar opportunity: Samresh Kumar

Managing Complexity: Andrea Colombo

Power Play: Ray Espinosa

Electric City: Jimmy Yam

Offering a Safe Harbour: David Price and Safiul Karim Gazi

Power of Efficiency: Janmejaya Mahapatra

Conglomerate with responsibility: Faruk G Patel

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