Utilities & Energy

“We’re a company for the future”: Leonardo Aguilera

Big Sustainable Energy: Robert G Phillips

The Game-Changer: Susanna Zapreva

High Energy: Aurélie Alemany

Nothing Like the Sun: Frank Phuan and Lawrence Wu

“Opportunity Comes From Inquisitiveness”: Vishal Goradia

Powering a Greener Future: Sylvie Jéhanno

“LichtBlick was the inventor of green power in Germany”: Enno Wolf

Nuclear Power: Boris Schucht

Pineapple Power: Karim Garcia

Safe, Sustainable Growth: Prachur Sah

Lighting Up Lives: Ashish Khanna

Changing the Power Paradigm: Miguel Mendes

“We want to create a better world”: Mustakim Mat Nun

Serving Water To Communities: Andrew George

Winds of Change: Michael Olsen

Nimble and Decisive: Lorenzo Simonelli

Fuelling Growth: Abdul Aziz Othman

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