Utilities & Energy

“We always try to improve.”: Ravi Sheth

“Our brand is all about authenticity.”: Franky Cosaert

In pursuit of connection: Karl Brown

The human factor: Ali Jarwan

Being Essential: Bertrand Camus

Pipeline to the future: SK Barua

“We are not only Indian leaders; we are global leaders.”:Prabhat Singh

“Electricity is a growth engine for any nation.”: Harsh Shah

Power to the people: Arlind Mucaku

The power of teamwork: Ferry Arief Sunandar

Breath of fresh air: Thomas Keller

Pipeline to success: Teo Hark Piang

Energy and passion: Sheldon Upton

“This organisation needs efficiency.”: Pallakonda Ramesh

Pipeline to the future: Gyan Prakash

Fighting climate change: Karl Ochsner

Better together: Peter Morison

Fuelling the future: Augustin Kemfack

“It’s a fast-changing world.”: Muhammed Aziz Khan

Powering the future: Heuson Bak

Uncompromising power: Bharat Naresh Oberoi

Balance of power: Phil Blythe

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