“Our ability to make a positive impact in the water space is huge.”: Mads Nipper

Raised from concrete: Sven Voth

“We are moving forward as one group.”: Matthias von Buzay

“Never get too comfortable with the status quo.”: Mark Cotter

“Trust is a recipe for success.”: Shaun Frayne

Forging links: Darko Hrastnik

The electric touch: Joachim Naimer

“Our brand is all about authenticity.”: Franky Cosaert

“Aluminium is infinitely recyclable.”: Emilio Braghi

“I am in constant pursuit of perfection.”: Habib Al Mulla

Ready to expand: Mutlaq Al-Morished

Daily bread: Mohsen Adeeb

“You need to be ready for change.”: Marcin Czyczerski

Connected Kingdom: Mohamed Bubashait

“We bring the new into the world.”: Klaus Dittrich

Stronger together: Dion Shango

Hang tough: Khaled Al Zaabi

Packaging a sustainable alternative: Cord Prinzhorn

Come fly with me: Dieter John

Maximising people’s potential: Byron Nicolaides

Driving technology: Bilal Al-Hattab

Calling the G Generation: Abdeslam Alaoui Smaili

Pure pleasure: Andreas Ronken

“Iceland is unique.”: Sveinbjörn Indriðason

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