Making an impact: Blessing Mudavanhu

Power to the people: Arlind Mucaku

Eat more fish: Andreas Kvame

We’re always ahead: Ulrich Lages

Sustainability rules: Thomas Körmendi

A legacy of care: Rashad Al Moosa

Let’s create something unique: Mohammed Sultan Al Qadi

Staying shipshape: Marty Bass

Making more with less: Liam Condon

Fit for a kingdom: Justin Musgrove

Painting a big picture: Joe Devitt

“We continuously invest in technological innovations.”: Henrik Pedersen

Breaking conventions: Jan Trionow

Leading with vision: Helen Ashton

Reach up: Dzene Makhwade-Seboni

Trust is the best medicine: Ben Osborn

“We believe our people are our best asset.”: Anees Ahmed Moumina

“We have the best know-how in the industry.”: Wolfgang Orgeldinger

“We are used to serving royalty.”: Rob DiCastri

“We will soon be able to manage cancer.”: Richard Godfrey

Fashion hub: Omar Henaidy

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