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“We’re a Brand That Knows Where We’re Going”: Marcus Williams

Building India’s Future: Shridhar Narayan

The Quality Quotient: Wilfred Woo

Unusual Developments: Cesar Wee

From Precision to Prezzee: Shaun Bonétt

“Operational Excellence has Always Played an Important Role”: Jani Nieminen

We Don’t Cut Corners: Guillermo Luchangco

“It’s very important to put respect first”: Didier Unglik

Work like Wolves: Chee Beow Chng

“Nothing Motivates Staff More Than a Joint Cause”: Stacey Jones

Happy medium: Steven Walker

Drives our motivation: Michael Loccisano

“We’ve Always had a True Sense of our Values”: John Cunningham

The Man Upstairs: Harry Triguboff

Building Honesty and Trust: Richard Whitehead

We value being boutique: Cynthia Chan

Public property: Pammy Olivares-Vital

Create Great Spaces: Avijit Yadav

Keeping it smart: Kathia Yacaman

Firm foundation: Joshua Boctorani & Nathan Lewes

“Our business depends a lot on collaboration”: Patrick Keenan

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