Property & Real Estate

“The buildings themselves are our billboards”: Muhammad BinGhatti

Rolling Start: Phil Pearce

Lucky to be together: Jane and Samuel Schumann

“We want to be there when hospitality is back”: Mathias Bergundthal

“It’s the Whole Package”: Manny Gaerlan

From The Ground Up: Frederick Go

Bringing The Best: Matthew Bouw

Your Space & Mine: Jessie Glew and Tim Brown

On The Shoulders Of Giants: Jack Henderson

Two of A Kind: Shaun Bonétt & Trevor Dill

Shopping Generation: Brad Chan

House of Cards: Shaun Bonétt and Tony Karp

Building Resilience: Kelvin Lim

Disruption Guaranteed: Cedric Fuchs and Shaun Sergay

“We have to be a high-speed developer”: Ignace Tytgat

“It’s Just Common Sense”: Kenneth Worsdale

“We’re a Brand That Knows Where We’re Going”: Marcus Williams

Building India’s Future: Shridhar Narayan

The Quality Quotient: Wilfred Woo

Unusual Developments: Cesar Wee

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