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“Our business depends a lot on collaboration”: Patrick Keenan

The high life: Daniel Goldberg & Renzo Piano

Cowboy Architects: Nico van der Meulen

Let nature work for you: Ng Wai Keong

Designing Dreams: Matthew Lin

Big Things Grow: Chia Ngiang Hong

Brothers Building Big: Fayad and Remon Fayad

Innovative leadership: Guillaume Hubert de Fraisse

Shared Mission: Paul Glenson Lim

Vision Valley: Nigel Satterley

“Property is in Australians’ DNA”: Angus Raine

Building the Future: Young Chiu

“We’re dealing with huge investments”: CK Tong

Community Spirit: Vanessa Cheung

“The core of all our projects is the people.”: Ricky Wong

Evolving to adapt: Benson Wee

Community spirit: Joseph Lau

Strong foundations: Frank Berlepp

Designing the future: Chris Che; Janette Chan

The ‘Sevens’ man: Eric Cheng

Natural born leader: Danny Assabgy

The business of friendship: Damian Delahunty and Ruben Fuentes

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