Property & Real Estate

Sustainable Initiative: Chong Chee Keong

Scaling New Heights: Ravindra Kumar VJ

Smart Properties: Tim Moore 

Northern Star: Bryan Finney

Above and Beyond: Shaun Bonétt

Building Sustainable Communities: Joseph Lau

Home Comforts: Pammy Olivares-Vital

Time and Management: Lance Li

Attention to Detail: Pavitra Shankar

Investment in People: Stacey Jones

Working Together: Paul Williams

Building Business: Isyak Masagoes

Live, Work, Play: Kavin Eiamsakulrat

Building Homes and Relationships: BM Jayeshankar

Reinventing real estate: Shrini Rao

Backing the Brand: Phil Rowland

Pride of Place: Adrian Pozzo

Ready to Deliver: James Quigley

Places with heart: Donald Choi

Places with heart: Donald Choi

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