“With change comes the opportunity to create new things.”: Himanshu Jain

Picking Up the Threads: Dinesh Nolkha

Set in Cement: AV Dharmakrishnan

Optimise the Old Innovate the New: Tom Erixon

A can-do attitude to growth: Roberto Villaquiran

Nerves of Steel: Pavel Shilyaev

Green Plastics: Jakob Sigurdsson

Revolutionary Leader: Ivan Ergović

“We have a good team spirit”: Denise Klinger

Device Manager: Analog Devices

“Increase the Velocity.”: Michel Moulin

A Firm Grip: Giuliano Menassi

Going Antiviral: Hamilton Hung

We are a company that delivers on its promise: Christopher Dineen

“They’re Pioneers in Enshrining Green Values into Everything they do”: Chamaiporn Uerpairojkit

The Complete Package: Amit Prakash

Beneath the Sheets: Tony Pearson

I’m Proud of our DNA: Jim Sliker

Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due: Gren Schoch

The Sweet Smell of Success: Paul Andersson

Fashionable Values: Marissa Jeanne Maren Baragar

The Role of Managing Director is as a Facilitator: Malee Thanapempulpol

Supplying Innovation: Cedric Ballay

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