Sweet satisfaction: Madad Ali Virani

“Our focus is on our customers.”: Kennady V Kaippally

“It’s about the journey, not the destination.”: Govindarajan Balakrishnan

Formula for success: Anjani Prasad

The benchmark of quality: Anil Beejawat

“Our ability to make a positive impact in the water space is huge.”: Mads Nipper

“We are moving forward as one group.”: Matthias von Buzay

“Trust is a recipe for success.”: Shaun Frayne

Forging links: Darko Hrastnik

The electric touch: Joachim Naimer

Forward fashion: Will Lam

Leading the pack: Xin She

Committed to the country: Sebastian Langendorf

Focus on design: Robert Bierfreund

“Whatever we do, we can always do it better.”: Henning Figge

The paper chase: Bart Devos

Diverse talents: Yong Jin Lim

Pets come first: David Cai

Empowering and Energising People: Trivikram Arun

Weaving success: Suchita Oswal Jain

Designing the future: Mukesh Savlani

Going to the next level: Dayanand Reddy

Patience is a virtue: Kenny Lam

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