Powering a Better World

Pumped for the Future: Jo Vanhoren

Rock steady: Seddiq Hassani

“Leather is an innovative product”: Andreas Kindermann

Captain’s Call: Sanan Angubolkul

Taking Armstrong to the Moon and Back: Phyllis Ong

Crafted by Hand: Jonathan Sowter

“Leaders drive the culture”: Bei Zhong

One-stop service provider: Yasuo Shimokura

“Seek commitment, don’t seek compliance.”: Sachin Satpute

Meticulous manufacturing: Thomas Joseph

Sensing a change: Soh Lip Leong

Man of steel: Benjamin Yao

Biotech Boom: Samsung Biologics

Hooked on innovation: Chris LeBlanc

“We want to create local jobs here in Australia.”: Thinus Steyn

Hand in glove: Maxim Sheaib

Ahead of the pack: Govind Bhandari

“Challenges excite me.”: Ashwani Sharma

Stronger together: Tomoyoshi Harada

Design, quality, technology: Asutosh Shah

A material world: Shigekazu Suenaga

Inspiring The Business World