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Making Payments Happen: Enny van de Velden

Inspiring Loyalty: Bernhard Brugger

The Bank of the Future: Rafael Arana de la Garza

“We Live by Our Reputation”: Guillermo Bueso

“We are Dynamic.”: Hasan AlJabri

Better Together: Daniel Dickinson

“Reinvention is the Name of the Game”: Marc Schwartz

Banking on SME Business: Aria Putera Ismail

A capital venture: Dr Michelle Deaker

Crypto Creation: Kenny Lee

Focus on digitalisation: Keabetswe Pheko-Moshagane

“I’m 100% Responsible For My Life”: Corinne Zigah

“I’m stimulated by problem solving.”: Dinko Lucić

Out of Africa: James Mwangi

Constantly improving: Alexander Resch & Roberto Vercelli

Mutual respect: Aaron Newman

“It’s never a full stop for us.”: Mahesh Ramamoorthy

Fit for business: Xolali Zigah

Proudly African: Ravin Dajee

“I’ve always wanted to do more in Africa.”: Barry Lobel

“I saw so much potential.”: Admassu Tadesse

Pay it forward: Yusuke Matsui

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