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“We want to make lives better”: Fernando de Peña Yver

The Transformation Guy: Rajesh Chandiramani

Master of his domain: Justin Reilly

“We have a very special culture at Equinix”: Jens-Peter Feidner

The Next Normal: Claudio Muruzabal

Zooming towards the future: Eric Yuan

Powering Growth: Mark Smith

“We beat all the big, global behemoths”: Andrew Bond

Revitalising Strata: Alexander Lang

“My hobby is working”: Luiz Meisler

A scalable partnership: Mohit Aron and Raman Venkatraman

Powering Growth: Mark Smith

It Feels Like We’re Just Getting Started: Pieter Degunst

“I’m A Third Generation Entrepreneur”: Aditya Reddy

“Exceed Every Day”: Aslan Doğan

A Secure Future: Richard Marko

Golden Opportunity: Angus Flett

Hospitals Partner with Teknicor for MEDITECH and Enterprise IT

Thanks for the Memories: Wieslaw Wilk

Light on the Hill: Lydell Stokes

People Experience Solutions: Mike Ettling

Thriving Under Pressure: Elena Ordonez del Campo & Christian Till Roga

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