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People Experience Solutions: Mike Ettling

“We’re really good at what we do.”: James Rigby

“Face-to-Face Meetings Are Crucial”: James Qian

Raising fish to benefit all: Jeff Cheng

Synergistic Strength: Giuseppe Porcelli

From Good to Great: Rajan Rajgopal

Better Boards: Brett Herkt

Making His Mark: Brian Liu

Renewed Energy: Giordano Albertazzi

Connect and Protect: Roel Vestjens

The Art of Transformation: Maria Sundvall

Leader in Sweden: Ola Hammarlund

Alignment towards customers: Yamini Rangan

The Power of Open-Source: Peter Lilley

A Pioneering Spirit: Rolf Schwirz

Trailblazers in Technology: Jussi Rautee

“We’re a Culture of Builders”: Adam Beavis

“This is the New Era.”: Jed Ayres

“The technology spoke for itself.”: Nick O’Halloran

Intelligent Transformation: Richard Lee

Wired up: Ali Boumediene

No competition: Luciano Bonaria

Hard wired for change: Peter Pooh

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