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“We remain committed to supporting our patients”: Lakish Hatalkar

Keeping South Africans safe: Morena Makhoana

“I like to change the world.”: Johannis Willem van Vliet

Healthy Growth: Thanapathy Kumaraiah

“Every Crisis Has its Own Opportunities.”: Dr Beng Teck Liang

In the best of corporate health: Dilip Surana

“We all treat each other with respect.”: Pavan Mocherla

Hospital without walls: Eugene Soh

The beauty of science: Nurhayati Subakat

“It’s our franchisees who make a difference.”: Beth Stiller

The long, patient journey: Robert Blum

“We manufacture the keys to maximization.”: Jason Provenzano

The sky’s the limit: Char Tze Hiang

Healthy investments: Nick Mann

“Our focus will always be the patient.”: Ken Ikeda

“I talk about one team, one goal.”: Andy Ho

More than face value: Sean Lin

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