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“We continuously invest in technological innovations.”: Henrik Pedersen

“We have the best know-how in the industry.”: Wolfgang Orgeldinger

Staying on track: Cyril Aubin

“It’s about a can-do attitude and going the extra mile.”: Nigel Malcolm

“Journey of a lifetime.”: Matt Cole

“I learned to lead with my heart.”: Saskia Groen-in’t-Woud

Putting people first: Gerald Lim

When the stars align: Pete Chareonwongsak

Steering towards success: Mohamad Zuki Wan Abdullah

“We’ve had real success.”: Rebecca Rowe

“Never surrender, never give up.”: Asmari Herry Prayitno

“I believe in business everybody needs mentors”: Alan Lazowski

“Innovation is critical.”: Yongfeng Zhang

Lifeline to the state: Anthony Donald

Journey into the future: Kavin Kanjanapas

“I believe in inspiring leadership.”: Tomas Riveral

Changing course: Mark McGinley

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