Transportation & Logistics

Full Steam Ahead: Rashpal Singh Bhatti

“You need to show interest in people”: Roger Bayliss

Connecting Sydney: Daniela Fontana

“We continuously invest in technological innovations.”: Henrik Pedersen

Built to Last: Abdulla Mohammed Al Ashram

“Dealing With People is at the Centre of Everything We Do”: George Constantopoulos

Pillar to Post: Annemarie Gardshol

“We are skilling up our people.”: Abdool Tayob

Vibrant Business: Rajesh Somani

“I’m not a CEO who sits in the office all day.”: Lee Kah Chye

“Teamwork is absolutely everything.”: Hing Chao

“Our purpose is to make a positive difference.”: Bradley Feldmann

“I love what I do.”: Michael Hermann

“Be brave and dare to fail.”: Nick Murray

“It’s always win–win to invest in human resources.”: Mehdi Lamrani Karim

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