Sport & Recreation

Fitness Fanatic: Anthony Geisler

Driver’s Seat: Travis Auld

Peak Performance: David Hidalgo Vila

Odds-on Favorite: Matt Galanos

A Balanced Approach: Arthur Ang

Bringing His A-Game: Elliott Gray

Sporting Success: Rajesh Kharabanda

The Forever Game: David Patchell-Evans

Odds-on Favourite: Joonas Karppinen

From Strength to Strength: Mike Nysten & Jon Davie

On the ball: Jim Sarantinos

Driving it home: James Shippey

Fit for a kingdom: Justin Musgrove

Time to shine: Marne Fechner

World champion: Robert Klein

A winning streak: John Stuart

Care about your work and care about your customers: Mauro Perazzi

Living the brand: Albé Geldenhuys

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