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Never Break the Chain: Peter Jones

Opportunities for All: Henri Viswat

Growing the Extra Mile: Jack Truong

Damming the Content Current: Bob Hickey

Change of Heart: Bobby Lehane

Helping businesses scale at pace: Tomasz Micek

A Firm Reputation: Habib Al Mulla

The Talent Trailblazers: Bill Stoller

The Wow Factor: Daniel Tonkin & Emily McLeod

Family Matters: Peter Edwards

Try a Little Tenderness: Yasser Zaki

Strength in Numbers: Melissa Lawson

Seizing the Day: Gary Denton

Bringing it Together: Yeo Teck Keng

Easing the Transition: Pauline Le Borgne

Creating Moments that Matter: Darren Yong

Solving problems for Australians is hugely fulfilling: Nicholas Flood

Exporting Design: Seah Chee Kien and Beh Swee Chiew

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