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“It’s not really a job, it’s a lifestyle”: Frank Salzano

Leading for resilience: Tim Rabbitt & John Wise

“Courage is Essential”: Bosco Ho

Speaking in Tongues: Elizabeth Compton

Innovating for Talent: Bram Linnartz

The King of Clean: Rick Isaacson

“The greatest influence in my life has been my family.”: Bill Rumpke

New Language Solutions: Nour Al Hassan

“Innovation is not enough.”: Paul Cuatrecasas

Trust Over Control: Adrian Weiler

“Our names have equity.”: David Meire and Javier Carrera

Striking a chord: John Merakovsky

Listen without prejudice: Joakim Leijon

Open source for business: Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen

Breaking new ground: Graeme Robertson

Ambitious for change: Tuomo Saramaa

“It’s time for architects to science up”: Theodore Chan

Bespoke from the heart: Gary Lai

“We are always very open-minded.”: Wilhelm Cheng

Designing digital solutions: Sven Behrendt

Frontline leader: Adam Castillo

“I am in constant pursuit of perfection.”: Habib Al Mulla

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