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“We are always very open-minded.”: Wilhelm Cheng

Designing digital solutions: Sven Behrendt

Frontline leader: Adam Castillo

“I am in constant pursuit of perfection.”: Habib Al Mulla

Stronger together: Dion Shango

The Clean Up Crew: Richard Enning

The business of beauty: Mohamed Madi

The future of work: Soren Trampedach

“People do business with you if they like you.”: Nicholas Moustacas

Growth mindset: Stanislas de Bentzmann

The way forward: Lennard Yong

The business of design: Christine Hau

Entrepreneurial spirit: Keng Koon Chee

Work of art: John Derrick

Living by design: Brenton Mauriello

Change for good: Michael Daddo

Adding trust to your sales: Ari Galper

Best in class: Yvonne Lim

Embracing change: Jonathon Clifton

Shift your thinking: Ari Galper

The real deal: Ari Galper

“People need a sense of purpose.”: Gary Denton

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