Soaring Under the Radar: Karin Godenhielm

Movers and Shakers: Tom Doring

Port Authority: Tomas Riveral

Lifting an Industry: Peter Gibbs

Home Advantage: Lutz Wolf

The Big Chill: Kanwaljeet Jawa

Castles in the Sea: Dinesh Arumugam

Leading from the Front: Tim McCarthy

Dream Machines: Boobalan Pitchamuthu

Fail-Proof Machines: Adrian Guggisberg

“We Lead the Way in Innovation”: Amit Gossain

Inside Track: Klaus Tonhäuser

“It’s the passion for innovation that has kept us streets ahead.”: Jody Paulus

Built to last: Ed Weisiger Jr

A Stitch in Time: Carl-Martin Lindahl

Spreading its wings: Bob Greiveldinger

In control: Michel Rybkin

Lightening the load: Matt Saunders

Behind the wheel: Kalyanaraman S

“Space is still a good investment.”: Eduardo Bellido

Leading with vision: Helen Ashton

Free flow of ideas: Dorcas Teo

The art of influence: Chris Poheng

“Forestry is a business of the future.”: Henrik Johansson

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