Hospitality & Tourism

“SkiStar has a long history of success”: Stefan Sjöstrand

Creating memories for customers: Marcello Colosimo

All in the same boat: Jayson McDonald

“We’re actually in the business of building people.”: Angel Sueiro

Towering success: Nhan Vo

Hostess with the Mostest: Lindiwe Rakharebe

Reshaping the landscape: Peter Ryder

A striking narrative: Joe Cheng

Be my guest: Jean-Paul Riby

Bouncing back: Belinda Shillcock

Centre of the action: Ivaylo Ivanov

“I have this internal sense to achieve.”: Frank Raiti

“Airport hospitality is always a people business.”: Dinesh Jhunjhunwala

Holiday maker: Dirk De Cuyper

Driven by community spirit: Craig Niemann

Money-back guarantee: Sean Winter

Setting the standard: Teo Joo Leng

Barefoot luxury: Sonu Shivdasani

“Creativity is the spark we’re looking for.”: Sara Quon

Selling ideas off-road: Justin Montesalvo

No limits: Sanjiv Ramdanee

Where wonder blooms: Felix Loh

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