Food & Beverage

Not your average Joe: Guido Bernardinelli

Sweet success: Charles Rossi

A bite of joy: Maribeth Dela Cruz

A lasting legacy: Kyle Norrington

Sustainability rules: Thomas Körmendi

The taste of success: Leslie Lau

Brewing up a storm: Jan Craps

A taste for success: Iwo Zakowski

“I started simply by studying the team”: Fady G Elassaad

Putting people first: Uppiliappan Gopalan

“We are spreading our wings, year after year.”: Rahul Kumar

Home brew: Palit Bhirom-Bhakdi

Hatching new plans: Rowan McMonnies

Major league: Neel Chand

Brewing change: Patrick Kwok

The chicken came first: Ariel Fermin

True brew: Ben Summons

Sun, music, freedom: Luca Gargano

The fruits of success: Cristina Forner

“I believe in sustainable capitalism.”: Douglas Lamont

A bucket load of success: Cédric Losdat

Recipe for success: Raj Beri

A fresh start: Christel LeBrun and Jamie LeBrun

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