Food & Beverage

“They call us the Red Machine”: Raisa Polyakova

“Coke is much more than a refreshment”: Paris Nikolopoulos

“We Think Across Generations”: Guido Vanherpe

Thinking outside of the box: Fortunato Guadalupi

Pasta bouncing back: Alan Laughlin

Turning around the business: Feliks Boynuinceoglu

A Bigger Slice of the Action: Roy Quejada

Tea and Sympathy: Jessica Zhang

On a Roll: Samad Shariff

“We Delight Families and Inspire Life.”: Sankha Biswas

Chasing change: Louise Cordina

Fruits of his Labour: Mark Fairweather

True to its Roots: Angela Santiago

A Happy Family: Alvaro Cofiño

Delivering Happiness: Kadir Gunduz

We are Accountable for What We Sell: David Naidu

Feel-good food: Scott Glasson

“We want to leave the world in really good shape”: Tiffani Graydon

“I wanted to have the perfect coffee”: Sam Gabrielian

Enduring Demand: Rob Gordon

Taking Notes: Avin Ong

The Burger Fix: Benjamin Boh

Inspiring The Business World