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Bubble Economy: Manuel Reman

Unique among Champagnes, Krug has become shorthand for opulence and impeccable craft. Champagne Krug President Manuel Reman believes luxury is subjective and is instead focused on carrying on the pioneering spirit of the label’s Founder.

There are few secrets in the world of Champagne. A drink designed to be shared and synonymous with celebration, it is perhaps the most social of all wines. It literally can’t wait to escape from its bottle, as many black eyes can attest.

What is often kept in the dark is the drop itself. From its inception, Champagne doesn’t see the light of day for at least a year-and-a-half as the intricate production process dictates.

But for one winemaker in Reims in northern France, this wasn’t good enough. Joseph Krug was working for a Champagne company in 1843 when he decided that excellence could be reached every year.

"We try to make it very personal, very authentic. To me, luxury – real luxury – is unforgettable moments and friendship."

"Joseph had a good salary and a good position, but he also had a dream," says Manuel Reman, President of Champagne Krug. "He believed Champagne shouldn’t be good or excellent only three years of every decade, and only when the climate was perfect."

Inspired, Krug established the Krug Family Champagne house with the goal of crafting a fantastic Champagne every year.

"In order to do that, he had to invent a totally new craft, which is something that still inspires us," Reman reveals. "It’s that craft, and subsequently our precise and generous taste, that makes us unique. You will never forget your first Krug."

Unforgettable Moments

Driven by its Founder’s bold approach to business, Champagne Krug has powered to the top of luxury Champagne lists the world over with Krug Grande Cuvée, which is a blend of up to 12 different vintages. But Reman believes luxury is in the eye of the beholder.

"I’m not at all comfortable with the word luxury," he admits. "People have tried to define it for decades now; everyone is right and everyone is wrong."

He believes luxury is very personal, and what’s luxurious for one may not be for another.

"What we at Champagne Krug try to do is our best, in a very humble way, to craft and package our product in order to create unforgettable experiences," he explains.

"Crafting a bottle of Krug demands years of dedication, yet its enjoyment lasts mere moments. Likewise, our enduring partnership empowers us to execute initiatives swiftly, all while upholding the values and legacy of this illustrious House." – Fabrice Bernard, CEO, Millesima


"We try to make it very personal, very authentic. To me, luxury – real luxury – is unforgettable moments and friendship. This is what we fight for every day in our vineyard, in our wine facility, trying to craft the best Champagne that can turn a dinner or a tasting into something more."

Originally a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, Reman developed a passion for wine in his spare time. Soon, it was taking over.

"I was spending weekends meeting wine growers all over France," he recalls. "One-hour meetings would quickly become four hours, and all the time we’d talk. Of course, I love tasting wine, but it’s not about tasting for me. It’s about history, geography, geology. It’s a man’s or a woman’s craft. It’s very complete."

Taking the Reins

Reman’s first step into the industry came when he joined Moët Hennessy, Krug’s parent company, in 2004.

"I’d gone from strategic consulting to being an intern at what was then Moët & Chandon. It was like starting all over again, but I never had any regrets. In fact, it doesn’t feel like I’m working," he confirms.

In 2022 Reman was made President of Champagne Krug, a role he says is a constant honor.

"Krug is the most prestigious Champagne, it’s a fantastic product," he enthuses. "Before me, Krug was very lucky to have Maggie Henriquez as President, one of the most inspiring leaders the wine industry ever had. She believed in me, and I knew it was a great opportunity to develop myself and take the brand to new places."

And since taking the reins, that’s exactly what Reman has done. "If we look at how the world is evolving, Krug has to make sure it isn’t losing opportunities. Everyone discovering the world of fine wine and Champagne deserves to be able to discover Krug."

"You need to have a vision and stick to it. Joseph Krug believed in making excellent Champagne available every year."

Helping with this cause is Millesima, an online fine and rare wine merchant, and other strategic partners both upstream and down.

"We don’t exist without our retail specialists or chef sommelier restaurants like L’Assiette Champenoise or Al Carroponte," he says. "Then we’ve got the grape suppliers and Transports Lebrun, which transports the grapes for us. Our cork supplier Relvas is in Portugal, and our barrel supplier Tonnellerie Artisanale is located in Reims. We treat our suppliers the way we would our clients."

The idea of emotional belonging is very much a part of the Krug story, Reman adds.

"When you’re a part of a company, you need to understand your purpose. You need to have a vision and stick to it," he points out.

"Joseph Krug believed in making excellent Champagne available every year. We may have adapted that for subsequent generations, but we’ve stuck to it and we’re a very healthy company as a result."

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