Mining & Metals

Digging Deep: Adam Wilson

Steeling The Future: Shashibhushan Upadhyay

Future Vision: Christian Cornille

Untapped Potential: Miltos Xynogalas

New Horizons: Antony Lesmana

From Trash to Treasure: Maddy Gupta

From the Ground Up: Kurnia Ariawan

The Pursuit of Excellence: Megat Zariman

Where There’s Light: Hubertus Volmert

As Good as New: Jean Gouverneyre & Claude Bever

Taking The Heat: Parmod Sagar

Heavy Metal: Sardar Singh Rathi

A Mine of Power: Owen Silavwe

Top Copper: Rob Watkins

An Iron Giant: Gina Rinehart

A Steel-coated Vision: Sharad Mahendra

Firing Towards Progress: Samiran Dutta

Inspiring The Business World