Government & Defence

“By working together, we will come out stronger.”: Dawn Baxendale

Community resilience: Shelley Oldham

Once in a lifetime: Gail Connolly

“We started a new conversation.”: Debra Just

Driving the Big Deal: Michael Stretton

Centre of transformation: Peter Thompson

To protect and serve: Ian Stewart

No swanning around: Mike Foley

Talk of the town: Kelvin Tori

Serving the people: Mark Irwin

I believe in leadership by example: Gina Marie Angangco

Accelerating progress: Fabiola Gianotti

We’re trailblazers in digitisation: Renée Leon

Serving the armed services: Air Vice Marshal Mannepalli Baladitya

Putting value under the microscope: Alex Zelinsky

We’re going to shape the conversation: Robert Fiske

Sense of purpose: Kym Peake

New Zealand’s New Way: Lou Sanson

Every day is game day: Paul Baxter

I always think two steps ahead: Dato’ Ir. Mohd Ashari Alias

Apprentice to master: Neil Scales OBE

New Zealand’s great small city: Sue Bidrose

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