Resources & Forestry

A breath of fresh air: Lou Sanson

“If Lahti grows, then we grow too.”: Jouni Lillman

Uphold passion and commitment at all times: Dr Pang Teck Wai

It’s a constant endeavour for us: Sudhir Mathur

A slick operation: Giuseppe D’Arrigo

In search of sustainable solutions: Greg Columbus

Full steam ahead: Chris Way

Fuelling the economy: Wapu Sonk

Committing to accountability: Arif Mahmood

We are digitalising our culture: Mostafa Terrab

A global touch: Tey Wei Lin

A mission to fulfil: Ferdinand Dela Cruz

Brainstorm to success: Amr Mostafa

Food for thought: Thierry Blandinières

Recycling gold from garbage: Julia Maier

Paper pulp supply: Lennart Eberleh

Talent acquisition: Kieron Williams

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