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Super Sport 65 is the majestic jewel of the sea

Two of Italy’s most esteemed brands, Pininfarina and Rossinavi, have collaborated to create one truly extraordinary superyacht – the Super Sport 65.

Taking inspiration from the head-turning Gran Turismo, the prestigious brands have been working on a special project that marries the sleekness of high-performing sports cars with the grandeur of superyachts.

Constructed entirely of aluminum, the 65.50m luxury vessel boasts six cabins for at least 12 guests and seven cabins exclusively for crew, plus two Jacuzzis – one at each edge of the masterpiece.

"The result is innovative, a pure synthesis of elegance and sportiness." – Paolo Pininfarina

Its 11m beam and 2.20m draft allows the yacht easy access to bays and ports that would otherwise be inaccessible due to its sheer size.

Blending Pininfarina style with Rossinavi’s ship construction expertise, the state-of-the-art Super Sport 65 is truly in a league of its own.

"The only limit in the design of a sports boat is the impact on the general floorplan," says Rossinavi COO Federico Rossi. "For this reason, creating a nice balance between interior architecture and exterior design is always challenging.

"With Super Sport 65, we have overcome this limit. We enter a new design dimension with the lower deck’s layout to the large areas dedicated to the crew and to the captain’s cockpit and engine room.

"The elegant and spacious design of the common areas – including the main saloon and a larger owner’s cabin at bow all the way to the salon of the upper deck – are the result of this new design direction that culminates in the flying bridge with Pininfarina’s signature supercar design."

The Super Sport 65 embodies an eye-catching design that is magnified by the single, flowing line that connects the bow and stern, while a unique staircase effortlessly ties the levels together to create a flawless space. Inspired by the air intakes of road vehicles, the main staircase merges organically into the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Pininfarina’s extensive expertise allows for an innovative yet elegant interior and exterior that combines dynamic style with all the essentials for an exclusive nautical navigation experience.

"Pininfarina and Rossinavi speak the same language and share the same passion and values," says Pininfarina Chairman Paolo Pininfarina. "Leveraging on this common background and vision, Pininfarina is in the best position to express its creativity, taking inspiration from our sports cars and translating their sleek and fast lines into the design of a superyacht.

"The result is innovative, a pure synthesis of elegance and sportiness."

The Super Sport 65, which was presented at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in late 2019, is a nod to Pininfarina and Rossinavi’s first collaboration in 2017, which brought to life Aurea – a 70m superyacht complete with an infinity pool, helipad and sky lounge.

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