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What the pinnacle of a ‘Made in Italy’ superyacht looks like

There aren’t too many yacht makers in the world that can lay claim to the craftsmanship of excellence via the code of the three paradigms of ‘Made in Italy’. That changes today with the arrival of the latest Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 30 superyacht, the first ever project to feature exterior styling by architect Filippo Salvetti, project architecture by design studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, and interiors by Custom Line Atelier.

This bold statement has been carefully curated to reflect the tastes and desires of the owner’s family as it simultaneously marks the seventh Custom Line launch in just three months for Ferretti.

Design language of romance and charm

The cornerstone of the Navetta 30 design evokes the warmest elements of elegance and contemporary style. This is translated through the superyacht’s appointments of living materials alongside the harnessing of natural lighting and exacting craftsmanship.

Extensive glazed surfaces grace the hull while the decks feature more than two metres of headroom. The generous stern and bow areas are carefully designed to convey an immediate sense of spaciousness.

The exterior areas of the superyacht are made for socialising and relaxing to complement the onboard spaces devoted to social interaction and privacy. This key theme of seamless transition between interior and exterior spaces is extended throughout the entire vessel to demonstrate the Navetta 30’s highest level of personalisation.

Making the right choice

Ferretti is proud to continue its tenure in building innovative yachts that are trendsetters on the international yachting scene for their style, space, functional design and attention to detail. A guarantee of customisation, comfort at sea and total safety makes it one of the most attractive options on the market today.

More importantly, the launch of this superyacht signals the positive sales trend reported by Custom Line, which in less than three months has launched a total of seven yachts from 30–42 metres. These floating estates and their owners are all ready to cruise in the Mediterranean this summer in style.

Interested parties can now visit Ferretti Group.

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