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Demystifying the five myths about the most addictive place on earth

Three truths the Addicted to Maldives team live by are: not all jobs are a grind, not all preconceptions are true and not all destinations are created equal.

For Di and Paul Lechner, the Co-Founders of Addicted to Maldives – a destination management company that specializes in boutique, luxury travel to the Maldives – their job is anything but mundane. It has taken them to their favorite island nation 50-plus times and has established them as experts on the global travel stage.

The couple’s relationship with the Maldives sprouted to life while on their honeymoon in 2008. It was their first visit to the island nation and they fell in love with the culture, people and kaleidoscopic scenery.

Transforming the dream into a reality

Over time, it has transformed from an infatuation that involved frequent re-visits – at first as a couple and then as a family – into an addiction. But it was an addiction they had the foresight to turn into a business opportunity.

Today, Addicted to Maldives is an international travel business that focuses on unique and luxurious travel experiences exclusive to the Maldives. The team of four experts offer an intuitive and bespoke consultation service for travelers and support from a network of trusted travel advisors and valued resort partners in the destination.

The Co-Founders and the team share their passion for the Maldives with their clients, many of whom have been similarly besotted by the country.

Over time, it has transformed from an infatuation that involved frequent re-visits – at first as a couple and then as a family – into an addiction.

Upon launching the brand in 2015, their vision was to share their obsession and convert travelers into fellow Maldives addicts, and according to this yardstick, their endeavor has been a success.

A large portion of what Addicted to Maldives does is arrange return trips for happily addicted clients. Six years ago, they organized a magical destination wedding for a couple and their 18 closest friends, and in 2023, they continue to arrange repeat trips for both the couple and several of their guests, all eager to return to the covetable destination.

As they’re fond of saying, "What’s not to love about the Maldives?" An infinite ocean dappled with thousands of tiny islands; dream-like sunsets; unimaginable colors; bare feet sifting through powder-white sand; star-filled nights and decadent dining; deserted beaches; islands with big hearts beating in rhythm with nature.

Five travel myths associated with the Maldives

While this portrayal of the Maldives is entirely accurate, something the Addicted to Maldives team invests a lot of time and energy into is breaking down misleading preconceptions about the destination, making it less elusive and more accessible to the everyday traveler.

The Lechners sat down with The CEO Magazine to discuss the top five misconceptions people have about the destination and how they clarify the confusion.

It’s only for romantics

Romance abounds in the Maldives, but so does adventure – both above and below the water. Guests can also easily find fine dining, wellness and once-in-a-lifetime family friendly activities. In fact, some of the best kids’ clubs in the world call the Maldives home, as do countless Michelin-starred chefs.

It’s hard to get to

It may have once been considered remote and hard-to-reach, but the Maldives is now such a sought-after destination, that carriage to the capital, Malé, continues to improve.

From Australia, passengers can easily reach Malé via a direct flight from Singapore or Dubai, and just this month, Beond announced its ‘all-premium’ service offering Australia-to-Maldives direct flights.

It’s a no-go zone if you don’t like seaplanes

It’s true that seaplane transfers are the most scenic way to arrive at your resort, but if you’re not a fan of small aircraft or water landings, don’t worry. Many resorts can be accessed via speedboat – especially those in the atolls closest to Malé International Airport – or a domestic plane transfer, followed by a quick boat ride.

There’s no culture

Quite the opposite, the Maldives is a melting pot, heavily influenced by the various cultures around the rim of the Indian Ocean, including India, Sri Lanka, eastern Africa and Saudi Arabia. These influences, as well as more localized traditions and crafts that have been shaped by the nation’s unique geography and sea that surrounds it, result in a diverse cultural experience for travelers.

It’s unattainable luxury only

The great thing about luxury is that it means different things to different people. Yes, you can book a private island and have a little piece of the Maldives to yourself and your loved ones, but for some people, luxury simply means disconnecting from the pressures of modern life and immersing in nature. There are resorts that cater to every budget and style.

On the topic of price points, Addicted to Maldives has some top tips for travelers looking to maximize their budget when planning a trip to the Maldives.

  • Look to travel from May to the end of September, which is categorized as the low season. The Maldives is so close to the equator that year-round temperatures are amazing and during the low season you’ll enjoy balmy temperatures of 28–30 degrees Celsius and an average sea temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep your island hopping to a minimum. When you move around resorts, transfer costs can quickly add up. The Addicted to Maldives team can help you match resorts that offer economic transfers and time sensitive ones, so you don’t lose a day transitioning.
  • Book early – offers and discounts are compounding and could add up to a material discount on the nightly rate. Many travelers think when you book last minute you get a deal, but in the Maldives this is not the case.
  • Look for resorts offering half-board as part of a special offer or room rate. This means some of your meals and beverages will be included in the upfront cost.
  • Look at all-inclusive options, as they represent amazing value and allow guests a sense of freedom once they are on their vacation to just relax, enjoy and indulge without worrying about how much their bill will be.

Not all destinations are created equal

The Maldives is undeniably special, and not just according to the Lechners. With a swathe of awards and accolades on its proverbial mantlepiece, the island nation packs a big punch in terms of international recognition.

From resorts that have taken out the title of ‘best resort in Asia’ to those that set global standards in the realms of sustainable resort operations and service, the Maldives is imbued with iconic experiences that are rarely found elsewhere in the world.

It’s also home to an impressive line-up of world records, including the world’s first underwater residence; the world’s first fine dining zipline experience; the world’s largest overwater villa and the world’s first underwater restaurant.

Part of what makes the destination so special and iconic, is its famed ‘one island, one resort’ concept.

While the country might be comparatively small in terms of population size, it is geographically vast, covering 871 kilometers and encompassing 1,192 islands across 26 atolls. There are 170-plus resorts to choose from – a number that grows exponentially every year. Each one offers a unique style, experience, aesthetic and level of luxury.

Part of what makes the destination so special and iconic, is its famed ‘one island, one resort’ concept. This effectively means that each resort becomes a destination in and of itself and travelers need to be certain the one they’re choosing is the right fit. With that in mind, as well as the sheer size, scale and variety, planning a Maldivian escape can be overwhelming.

That’s where Addicted to Maldives steps in. As destination experts, they match clients to the perfect resort, build the dream itinerary for every client, and remove any of the stress or confusion associated with traveling to the Maldives.

In short, Addicted to Maldives ensures the most addictive place on earth is attainable for every type of traveler.

Click here to experience hassle free travel with the help of the Addicted to Maldives team.

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