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Another country joins Porsche’s ‘try before you buy’ program

Owning or at least driving a Porsche has likely been on the bucket list for anyone with a penchant for fun behind the wheel. While the marque’s performance pedigree speaks for itself among global sports carmakers, acquiring one has often been reserved for those with the luxury to put aside a substantial investment towards one.

That all changes today with Porsche Cars Australia launching their premium car rental service for locals called the Porsche Drive Rental program. The pilot program, which started in Germany in 2014 and has branched across a total of 60 locations in Europe, North America and Japan, offers customers short-term Porsche loans in much the same way a fee-based ‘try before you buy’ program would work.

The local introduction of the long-established Porsche Drive Rental service will finally give Australians access to select Porsche models for short-term use. The platform is ideal for those who want casual access to a Porsche sports car or the chance to experience their dream ride. The move, according to the company, accommodates the changing customer preferences and the trends towards user choices that are digital, flexible and individual. This includes making vehicles available for shorter periods of time.

"Porsche Drive Rental is the latest example of us introducing innovative products to the Australian market," explained Daniel Schmollinger, Managing Director and CEO, Porsche Cars Australia.

"This pilot program in Melbourne will give us tremendous insights into how we evolve this offering in Australia in future years."

The program’s Australian launch, which kicks off in Melbourne will offer access to several exclusive models in the current line-up. That means the 911 Carrera 4S, 718 Boxster S, and all-electric Taycan 4S.

Online bookings are now open, with first loans to commence this month. Program customers simply schedule their preferred Porsche model online. Once they set up their customer profile, they can choose their rental period and their preferred Porsche model.

Once complete customers simply collect the car and return them on the scheduled dates. Rental durations can be booked for a day, weekend or week, with bookings now available during the initial six-month pilot program.

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