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Peak Performer: Teguh Widjajanto

The running of a power plant is a big job, but even bigger is what goes on behind the scenes. PJB Services is one of Indonesia’s leading operations and maintenance service providers, and President Director Teguh Widjajanto says trust is his stock in trade.

These days, utility companies have to be about more than just power generation. In many ways, the future of power has become the future of the world, with renewable energy looming large over the industry. Those wishing to get by doing what has always been done are finding themselves at a disadvantage against power companies with a clear vision for the years and decades to come.

The front line of the climate crisis is the South Pacific, where entire island nations are in the danger zone. On the outskirts, industrial powerhouses such as Indonesia are under pressure to take drastic action. Thus, the country’s utilities are working to imbue their operations with a sustainable edge.

When it comes to vision, one of Indonesia’s energy industry’s clearest belongs to PJB Services. A subsidiary of Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB), a leading Indonesian energy provider, PJB Services specialises in the operation and maintenance of PJB’s power plants as well as engineering and green energy services.

Now in its 21st year of operation, PJB Services is driven by a strong corporate culture of trust, competence, mutual respect, loyalty, innovation and cooperation. It’s a mix that PJB Services President Director Teguh Widjajanto says is key to the company’s success.

"They’re our core values, so they’re the essence of all that we do," he says. "You cannot operate in an environment that lacks those qualities, particularly in this industry."

Trust counts for a lot in the energy industry, be it with your partners or your customers. You need to be trusted to stay in this business.

Value of trust

A mechanical engineering graduate and longtime member of the PJB family, Teguh took on the role of President Director in July 2021. Immediately he committed to enhancing the already robust operation he inherited.

"Our mission has always been to be one of the most trusted industrial utilities management companies in Indonesia," he says. "Trust counts for a lot in the energy industry, be it with your partners or your customers. You need to be trusted to stay in this business."

PJB Services’ trust trajectory has been on the up ever since the company was established in 2001. Purely a power plant maintenance specialist to begin with, PJB Services honed its skillset and soon branched out into operations and engineering.

"There was an opportunity to truly create value and a quantifiably positive result for our customers," Teguh says. "So far, we have successfully managed 31 power generation units, both thermal and hydro."

And then there are the bigger tasks such as power plant relocation and rehabilitation of existing sites, as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul services required by utilities to ensure peak performance – something no power plant can afford to let slip.

Between us and our customers, we all see the value in environmental sustainability, so that’s what we’re looking at over the next three-to-five years.

In recent years, PJB Services’ expertise has extended into sustainability and green energy. Taking a lead from its parent company, which prioritises sustainable developments through consultation with the community and stakeholders, PJB Services is working to provide green energy services. According to Teguh, this is in no small part due to the needs of its customers.

"We’re always working to provide value to our shareholders and stakeholders," he says. "Between us and our customers, we all see the value in environmental sustainability, so that’s what we’re looking at over the next three-to-five years."

At the same time, Teguh is firmly committed to achieving the financial targets his shareholders expect. "We have a revenue target of 400 per cent," he says – no small feat. "When I took on this role I knew it was achievable, and I’m trying my hardest to do that."

Becoming a role model

The President Director role also came with its own set of responsibilities as far as the PJB Services team was concerned. For Teguh, this meant evolving into a role model for his peers.

"We in management must be role models for our employees," he says. "We aren’t there to give orders; we need to provide ideas, solutions and encouragement. That’s what gets the job done."

There’s a similar level of responsibility when it comes to PJB Services’ external partners, but Teguh says it’s all done in the name of trust.

"When we enter into an agreement with a supplier or a partner, we’re bound by that," he says. "We won’t lie to them, we’ll open up our books if need be, but we commit to our partnerships and deliver superior quality and costs in the process. In long-term business relationships, you get what you give."

While the road ahead of utility companies is paved with uncertainties, PJB Services has a clear vision of what it is and where it wants to be. According to Teguh, it’s a matter of delivering on its promises.

"We provide the best value for our shareholders and stakeholders, and we’re committed to environmental sustainability."

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