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From Italy to Japan: These cities will pay you to move there

Seeking a change of scenery after months of lockdown isn't all that surprising after the year the world has endured. But how much would it take for a city to convince you to move? Paid relocation perhaps?

With the coronavirus forcing many employees to work from home, people are looking for alternatives to the expensive city lifestyle and are choosing to move somewhere cheaper and less crowded.

From Japan and Italy to the US, starting fresh in a new city with new possibilities could be the way to a brighter future – and many cities are willing to pay the price, opting for incentives to coax in new residents.

Cities offering paid relocation or incentives

Emilia Romagna, Italy

It may be known for its decadent gastronomy, but Emilia Romagna is offering so much more. The north eastern Italian region pledged to hand up to €30,000 to young families willing to make it their home. The only catch, applicants must be aged under 40.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, US

The Tulsa Remote program offers a US$10,000 bonus and a US$1,000 housing stipend to self-employed or remote workers looking to relocate within the next six months. 

Alaska, US

According to Inc.com, the ‘last frontier’ is offering a selection of grant programs and tax incentives to influence people to move to the state.

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia is offering "digital nomad visas" that allow remote and self-employed workers to live and work in the country for up to a year, Forbes reported.

Santiago, Chile

Government-funded initiative Startup Chile is looking to attract entrepreneurs by offering equity-free investment of up to US$80,000 in a startup idea, as well as mentorship and a visa to live and work in the South American country.

Mishima, Japan

It may have been on offer since as early as 2015, however post-pandemic could be the optimal time to make the move to Japan's three small southern islands. Mishima offers JP¥85,000 per month for three years in addition to a lump payment of JP¥300,000 or a calf.

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