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FREE Special Report: Coming out of Covid

There's no denying that for many, the last 18 months have been the most unpredictable, terrifying, exciting and monumental time to be a leader. Now, as we begin to slowly get used to a ‘new normal' amid the realisation that COVID-19 is likely here to stay, it's the moment to look back in order to see how we can best move forward.

As our inaugural Special Report puts it: Reflect, Reposition, Renew, Resurge.

This free Special Report Coming out of Covid: Leadership Lessons from the Corner Office (opt in below to receive your complimentary copy direct to your inbox), takes a detailed look at how businesses fared in this time of crisis.

With an Australian slant but seen through an undoubtedly global lense, we've proudly partnered with Prezzee to produce a report that examines how the pandemic hit, where it hit hardest and who were the leaders who turned what could so easily have been a disaster, into a triumph.

Dire predictions

That predicted disaster came as COVID-19 began to cast its shadow over the world in March and April last year. Economists braced themselves for a predicted almighty global meltdown which would see stock markets in freefall, tens of millions unemployed, governments mired in previously unthinkable levels of debt, the biggest recession since the Wall Street Crash, food shortages, banks failing and entire industries wiped out.

Not to mention the human cost as a slew of world leaders competed to see who could handle the crisis best. Or worst.

However, even as most of Europe and the US saw infections spiralling out of control, something strange happened. Or, rather, it didn’t happen.

Yes, economies entered technical recessions and colossal stimulus packages were doled out with impunity, but markets stubbornly held fairly steady and house prices – usually a good indicator of confidence – actually rose.

Even now, after protracted and debilitating lockdowns, Australia is faring a lot better than most.


This Special Report reflects on what the last 18 months of living amidst a pandemic has meant for Australian businesses.

How was Australia economically placed before COVID-19 hit?

How was each state impacted by the pandemic?

Restaurant owners and travel agents may disagree, but Australia weathered the tempest better than many others.


From reflection, we look at those who spotted the opportunity of crisis and survived by repositioning themselves.

Who were the winners?

How did they not only survive, but thrive?


And so on to the green shoots of renewal.

What were 2021's mega deals?

Who are the digital disrupters?


Finally, the shape of 2022 is about resurgence through lessons learned. Harnessing trends, nurturing a growth mindset and examining the leadership styles that encourage growth to soar.

Because when chaos erupted, some CEOs rose to the challenge and spotted lucrative opportunities that no-one else saw.

And some didn’t.

Coming out of Covid: Leadership Lessons from the Corner Office charts the trajectory of both.

With fascinating insights from more than 250 CEOs, and click and vote live polls to ensure your voice is heard, opt in to receive your copy that's mobile optimised for reading on the go.

How can you get hold of this FREE digital issue? Easy. Enter your details and we’ll send you the link.

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