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Raised from concrete: Sven Voth

“Never get too comfortable with the status quo.”: Mark Cotter

“You need to be ready for change.”: Marcin Czyczerski

“Average just doesn’t work anymore.”: Richard Gilmore

Deeply local: Patrick Schmidt and Christoph Barchewitz

A digital fashion statement: Raymond Tan

All sewn up: Ranjan Mahtani

Stepping forward: Vincent Wauters

Fair game: Jason Schulman

A slim fit: Urs Konstantin Rouette

A walk on the wild side: Greg Smith

“Being successful is feeling fulfilled.”: Eva Galambos

Young at heart: Chris Beer

Fashion royalty: Ingie Chalhoub

Man in the middle: Michael Dumke

The dream team: Fatma and Amina Ghaly

Enjoy the outdoors: Knut Høgberg

Urban legend: Xavier De Bure

Resurrecting a legacy: David Pun

Inside out: Kristofer Tonström

Protect and thrive: Cathal Hughes, Harry Hughes, Owen Hughes

The future’s sunny: Simon Jablon

We’re looking for that reliability factor: Sanjeev Mahtani

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