Apparel & Accessories

Stepping up: Mirko Ostendoerfer

Spreading Its Wings: Matt O’Toole

One to Watch: Andreas Riedl

Fashion Statement: Felicia Gan

Designed for Success: Damien Lim

The Glass of Fashion: José Blanco

Clog Lovers: Adrian Holloway

Natural Success: Lee Thompson

If the shoe fits: Daniel Rubin

New Threads: Jacques Wessel Rheeder

Walking in the family’s footsteps: Stephen Chi

Fabricating the future: Sarah Chessis

Raised from concrete: Sven Voth

“Never get too comfortable with the status quo.”: Mark Cotter

“You need to be ready for change.”: Marcin Czyczerski

“Average just doesn’t work anymore.”: Richard Gilmore

Deeply local: Patrick Schmidt and Christoph Barchewitz

A digital fashion statement: Raymond Tan

All sewn up: Ranjan Mahtani

Stepping forward: Vincent Wauters

Fair game: Jason Schulman

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